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Go green with a solar power system.

Going green has never been easier. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our staff will do everything from complete installation to maintenance on your solar power system.

  •  Federal tax credits

  •  State tax credits

  •  Power company rebates

  •  Energy trust rebates

  •  Manufacturer rebates

  •  Product rebates

Available solar savings include:

You shouldn't have to spend a fortune to have your solar power system installed. At Precision Heating & Indoor Air Quality, you'll have your system installed for a flat rate.


Our staff also provides a number of guarantees, including satisfaction guarantee, absolute comfort guarantee, and precision advantage replacement guarantee.

Fast, easy solar power installation.

Call for service in hours, not days!


Get your solar power system for FREE when you purchase a Lennox premium heat pump from us!

Solar Worker

Precision Heating, with Solar World Products announced a joint venture agreement to provide energy efficiency solutions as well as photovoltaic solar systems. Precision Heating will offer their residential and business customers the opportunity to save energy and money by upgrading to energy efficient equipment and installing solar systems to provide free power. Precision Heating is a Certified Master Installer with The Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally Contractors; offering solar installations to PP&L PUD No2 of Pacific County and Northwest Natural service territories. Precision Heating also provides customers incentives directly through the Energy trust of Oregon incentive program and Washington State.


Precision Heating is an Oregon-based energy efficiency woman owned company who have installed energy efficiency upgrades and hundreds of homes around the north coast area. Precision Heating provides home performance audits, air ceiling, duct sealing, heating and cooling and sophisticated Indoor Air Diagnostics; as well as insulation and energy conservation. They strive to provide their customers with exceptional service and quality installations that are designed to save energy and money; and most importantly, keep you safe and comfortable in your home. Precision Heating is able to offset their clients’ electric bills with clean renewable solar energy for up to 40 years.


“For homeowners, Precision Heating offers zero down financing and provides the highest quality installation, equipment and service.”


Precision Heating is a Lennox Solar World authorized dealer which means their customers have access to the highest quality HVAC solar combinations in the world. Going Lennox Solar means that homeowners are protected from rising electric rates and will save tens of thousands of dollars over the 30-40 year lifespan of their system. And because Lennox is the only company that qualifies as a solar powered heat pump system, homeowners receive much greater tax credits.


Precision Heating will handle every aspect of the solar process including design, permitting, installation and interconnection. By going solar, you invest in your property and protect your bottom line from ever increasing energy prices.


How to Proceed:


#1 Call for a free no-obligation solar evaluation.


#2 Precision Heating will design your current system by looking at your current use, evaluating energy efficiency methods, and planning for future energy needs; evaluating buyer financing options.


#3 Precision Heating will install your system. Stan says: “Leave everything to us, we will install your solar electric system and handle all the paperwork and permitting.”


Best Warranty in the United States certified solar panels with a 25 year performance guarantee also the electric systems include Precision Heating’s 10 years guarantee.


Start saving today. The moment your system is turned on, you start to save-producing your own energy every time the sun shines.